A midwife in rural India proudly showed me the tool she used for cutting umbilical cords. It was a sickle, also used for cutting grass. I knew in that moment that I would bring life saving change to women in need - Zubaida Bai


Zubaida Bai

Zubaida Bai, Founder and Chief Executive

"As my knowledge and expertize in my field has grown I see that there is a compelling desire for low-cost, quality health products customized for the developing world. Hospitals, small clinics, and the women themselves see a sustainable solution to their needs. We see this need as encompassing the entire women’s health cycle; reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent, and are determined to meet these needs while empowering underserved women, helping their families and communities thrive."

Habib Anwar

“Why is it that we take for granted the most important person – the person responsible for bringing us into this world – just because she expects nothing, she does not speak up. Often is a simple, useful thing that could bring happiness to women who go through much hardship. We need to change the status quo, and soon.”

Habib Anwar, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder


Learn about the team that saves lives

Colleen Lyon

"The smile and strength of every woman I've met in places of poverty and hardship inspire me every day in my work. Each day at ayzh is an opportunity to "think big" and apply a creative and entrepreneurial spirit towards a more sustainable and equitable world. At a pivotal moment in history, I am thrilled and privileged to be part of a passionate team building a business, brand, and culture that enables and celebrates the health of women and girls everywhere."

Colleen Lyon, VP of Public Relations and Communication

Rehana Razack

"I came to ayzh after completing my Masters in Electronic Media with the wish to put media and communications to work in the area of maternal health. I get great satisfaction at ayzh as I can multi-task, using different skills throughout the day. Meeting the women and hearing their stories drives me to find solutions, and to bring them products that work for them."

Rehana Razack, Director of Operations

Sanjukta Das

"My background is in design and system level engineering that enables social impact. At ayzh I have the opportunity to work in an exciting space in the world of global women’s health where technology and enterprise together can thrive. The potential of bringing the dignity of choice to women by democratizing healthcare in resource constrained geographies makes me a proud member of the team."

Sanjukta Das, Senior Assistant Research and Development

Suchi Gaur

“I feel both an urgency and passion for the field of Maternal and Child Health in India and other developing nations. As I engage with harsh realities at the grassroots level, I see my work as bridging the gaps in access and delivery while trying to create sustainable change.”

Suchi Gaur PhD, Marketing and Communications

Grace Verghese

“In my heart has always been caring for the poor and needy. I saw the same determination in Zubaida, and that prompted me to join ayzh Health and Livelihood that makes such wonderful Clean Birth Kits for poor women folks all over the world. Let us all work together to make Zubaida's dream come true.”

Grace Verghese, Manager, Administrations


“In my capacity at ayzh over the last 5 years I have enjoyed my role in giving opportunity to women: both those we employ and those to whom we provide access to our products.”

Mohan, Field Coordinator


“It is inspiring to work with such a talented and dedicated team whose hearts and minds are engaging the world for the betterment of all.”

Lesley McCreath @The Story Studio - ayzh team - social media