"We exist as a commitment to save lives and change lives, one product at a time, making one happy woman at a time." - Zubaida Bai

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ayzh is a for-profit social venture providing health and livelihood solutions to impoverished women worldwide. We develop low-cost, appropriate technology designed to meet the unique needs of women in resource-poor settings. Signature to the ayzh brand is a convenient, "kit style" product. In 2010, ayzh launched its first product, JANMA, a clean birth kit, which provides women all the components recommended by the World Health Organization for a safe and hygienic birth, using environmentally friendly and culturally appealing materials.

Additional products under development include: a newborn kit, a post partum hemorrhage kit, and a groundbreaking sanitation and hygiene solution for women. ayzh products are assembled and packaged by local women, creating economic opportunity in the communities we serve.

ayzh operates an innovative B2B business model, selling to health-based businesses (for-profit and non-profit) that are capable of giving ayzh significant and scalable access to its target beneficiaries (underprivileged women).

ayzh serves two key customer segments:

  • medical institutions (hospital pharmacies, health care centers, and slum clinics), which resell ayzh products to women, and
  • non-profit aid organizations (working to improve the health and wellbeing of women and families in developing countries), which supply ayzh products to women



ayzh's international management team is passionate about improving the lives of poor women through improved technology and entrepreneurship. Our team is uniquely suited to understand the needs of poor women and deliver effective solutions. Members bring diverse engineering, product development, marketing, communications, finance, and sales experience.

Zubaida Bai (founder and Chief Executive) holds a 3-in-1 role functioning as a Leader, Manager and Entrepreneur – guiding ayzh to be Effective, Efficient, and Innovative. Habib Anwar (co-founder, Operations and Finance) provides strategic leadership to administration, finance, human resources, and information technology programs. Emily Aiken (Communications and Public Relations) directs global media strategy with the goal of publicizing ayzh as a premiere for-profit social enterprise addressing health and livelihood needs of underprivileged women.

Colleen Lyon is responsible for coordinating development, writing and submission of proposals and applications to third-party entities. Gina Lafferty manages the social presence. Rehana Razack (Operations Manager) manages communications, sales and partnership building in India.

Co-Founder, Kellen McMartin works for Deloitte and advises on corporate relations.

ayzh features a strong group of advisors in: Amy Smith, founder of D-Lab, MIT advising on design and appropriate technology; P. Mukundan, Servals automation, with his valuable advise on working in rural India; Alanna Shaikh, UN Dispatch advising on global health and development needs.


JANMA - Clean Birth Kit

ayzh employs women to package its first core product, JANMA components in a biodegradable jute bag that can be reused by new mothers as a purse. ayzh launched JANMA, a $2-$5 clean birth kit, to help hospitals and nonprofit organizations prevent infection at time of birth and reduce maternal and infant mortality. The kit contains simple tools recommended by the World Health Organization to provide sanitation and sterility at the time of childbirth, which not only saves the lives of mother and baby, but also helps ensure a healthy and happy start to life.

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